The First American Football Team To Call Mexico Home

There has been rumors for years that the National Football League might one day expand into Mexico. This wouldn’t however be the first American football team from Mexico to play in an American professional football league. 1969 Mexico Golden Aztecs Team Logo The Mexico Golden Aztecs played in the 1969, and last, season of the […]

Born On The Fourth Of July – The Football Edition

Born On The Fourth Of July – The Football Edition Happy 4th Of July!!!!!!!!!!!! Many football players throughout history have been described as explosive. Something else that can be described as explosive is the Fourth of July. It stands to reason that many players born on this most explosive day in American history also play […]

The Longest Pass Thrown By Someone Who Wasn’t A Quarterback

How about this for an interesting fact… what player who was not a quarterback threw the longest completed pass in the NFL? First, the information here is only complete since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger. Next, there are actually three players tied for first place in this category with an 81 yard pass successfully completed. -The […]

Walter Payton’s Numbers As A Quarterback?

Walter Payton was not only one of the best running backs ever in the NFL when it came to running with the ball, he was a great all-around player too in that he was good at blocking and receiving as well. One area of Payton’s game that doesn’t get much attention though is his passing […]

Football & Romance – Looking At Players Born On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day of love… and here at we love football. Let’s take a look at those romantic players who were born on Valentine’s Day! -Two quarterbacks sit atop the list of players born on Valentine’s Day who have made the most Pro Bowls, Drew Bledsoe and Jim Kelly each played in […]

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Two Point Conversion

Here, in our continuing effort to put out a little known Pittsburgh Steelers fact each day this week in honor of their Super Bowl win, we have this to offer: Two point conversion are rare in the NFL, it is especially rare to score more than one two point conversion in one season. In 1998, […]

Career NFL Touchdown Leaders By State

An interesting way to track touchdown record holders is to do it by state. What players have scored more touchdowns than anyone else from their state? This is all about local bragging rights. Here is a look at some interesting facts regarding touchdown leaders by state. -No player in NFL history has scored more touchdowns […]

Looking At Players Born On New Year’s Day

Happy New Year Everyone! As you recover from the New Year’s Eve festivities, we at are going to take a look at the many former pro football players born on New Year’s Day. There are indeed some unique football facts related to these gentlemen. -Doak Walker, the Hall of Fame halfback of the early […]

Little Known Info About NFL Players Born On Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to all the readers of! About a month ago we took a look at interesting facts involving players born on Thanksgiving, today we’ll take a look at some of the little known info regarding NFL players born on Christmas Day. It’s bad enough that they have to share their birthday with everyone […]

Non-Quarterback Passing Facts

Some of the most exciting plays in football are passing plays when the quarterback is not involved. This can take place under a number of different circumstances including a fake punt, fake field goal, halfback option pass, even a wide receiver or tight end can get in on the action. Here are some facts about […]