Heisman Trophy Winners in the NFL Hall of Fame

When you’re named the winner of the Heisman Trophy, you’ve been voted the most outstanding player in college football in the entire United States. This is a great award but unfortunately it also comes with a lot of pressure to prove how good you were in college football by seeing if you can live up […]

Rushing For 200 Yards And Still Losing The Game

A 200 yard rushing performance is an amazing accomplishment. One that most running backs cannot say they were able to pull off during their career. How many though have ever rushed for more than 200 yards and then had their team lose in the process? Since 1960 there have been seven players to rush for […]

The Oldest And Youngest Running Backs To Run For More Than 2,000 Yards In A Season

A 1,000 yard season is a mark that almost every running back shoots for. It is a sign of being successful as well as consistent. But there are a handful of running backs who have doubled that milestone and run for 2,000 or more yards in a season. It is common knowledge that the record […]