Five Little Known Facts About Colts QB Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning has for years been one of the most dominant quarterbacks in the entire National Football League. He puts up great numbers year after year, and those number play a big part in how successful the Colts have been during that time too. Manning is also one of the most popular players in the […]

Great Games – Peyton Manning Goes Off For 433 Yards Against The Houston Texans

Peyton Manning has come up huge several times during his career.  Here is a look at the time he threw for more than 400 yards against the Houston Texans. It was the first game of the season in 2010, and no one truly knew what to expect from both teams.  The Texans were the only […]

The Most 300 Yard Passing Games In Colts History

For a long time now, the Indianapolis Colts have been one of the best teams in the National Football League. They have had great defenders, awesome wide receivers, very good offensive linemen, and exceptional running backs in recent years. The person making it all come together though has been quarterback Peyton Manning. It should come […]

Who Has Thrown The Most Touchdown Passes Against The Jacksonville Jaguars?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have only been in the National Football League since 1995, but they have already experienced a decent amount of success. They have also earned a reputation as one of the stronger defensive franchises in the league too. Over the years, what player has gone up against the Jaguars and thrown more touchdown […]

Marvin Harrison’s Greatest Games

Marvin Harrison was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts with the 19th overall pick in the 1996 NFL Draft. He went on to play 13 seasons with the team, putting up some great numbers from the wide receiver position. He led the league in receptions twice, receiving yards twice, receiving yards per game twice, and receiving […]

Who Has Caught The Most Touchdown Passes From The Colts Peyton Manning?

There are few more popular and famous players in the National Football League than Peyton Manning. He came into the league in 1998 and immediately made his mark. Soon it wasn’t just individual stats that he was putting up, but important victories too. This culminated in a Super Bowl victory a few years ago. Over […]

The Fastest Quarterback To Reach 1,000 Completions

One of the main jobs that a quarterback has is to successfully get the ball to the receivers down the field. The quarterbacks that put up the most completions usually benefit from not only having a good amount of talent themselves, but also having good receivers to throw to, and operating in an offense that […]

What NFL Quarterback Has Thrown The Most TDs By Yardage?

We had a question submitted to us regarding what quarterback has the most career touchdowns by yardage. We decided to break it down into ten yard increments. Brett Favre is the career leader in touchdown passes, so we expected to see him all over the list. Dan Marino is listed a number of times too, […]

Tony Dungy’s Worst Season Coaching The Indianapolis Colts

Tony Dungy was a great head coach in the NFL. Whether looking at his time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or his time as the head man for the Indianapolis Colts, he got great results and was always a class act. Dungy’s Colts teams were incredibly competitive. But what was Dungy’s worst year as the […]

Ask IQFB: Top Ten Rookie Interception Seasons

We recently had a great question asked by a reader named Patrick in another thread. He asked: “Who are the Top 10 QBs for Interceptions thrown their Rookie Year.. everyone knows Manning was #1 at 28.. but who are the others on the list?” Well, there are some recognizable names on the list, and some […]