NFL Quarterback’s Moving Up The All-Time List In 2017

Coming into the 2017 NFL season, there are a number of active quarterbacks ranked either in or near the top ten all-time in a number of statistical categories. Who can move up, and how far, on the list of all time greats though? Pass Completions Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, and Philip Rivers all […]

The First Game In Philip Rivers NFL Career

Philip Rivers has accomplished a great many things in his career as quarterback of the San Diego Chargers. He has been statistically successful as well as led the team admirably on the field. Here is a look back at his first NFL game ever. Philip Rivers came to the Chargers as a highly touted draft […]

A Look At The Rookie Quarterbacks Of The San Diego Chargers Through The Years

Playing quarterback in the NFL is one of the hardest jobs in sports. It takes talent, intelligence, quick reactions, determination, and also a lot of luck to be good at it. Most good quarterbacks, even the great ones, are not that successful in their first year in the league. This is true for all teams, […]

The Only Quarterbacks Drafted In The First Round By The New York Giants

Most teams place a lot of stock in how good they will be in how good their quarterback is.  The number one way a team acquires good young talent is through the NFL Draft which is held each spring.  It stands to reason then that the best way to land a good young quarterback, a […]

Who Has Chargers Great Philip Rivers Thrown The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Philip Rivers didn’t automatically become a starting quarterback in the National Football League, he at first had to sit and watch Drew Brees have a couple of great seasons in San Diego. After Brees left though, Rivers got his chance to shine, and shine he did. He has developed into one of the better and […]