The Most Sacked Quarterbacks In Atlanta Falcons History

The Atlanta Falcons have had some tough years during their time in the National Football League, along with some successful seasons too. Over the years, they have kind of had a habit of having good quarterbacks who are not exactly surrounded by the best talent. Which of their quarterbacks have been sacked the most though? […]

The Most Sacked Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Of All Time

The Baltimore Ravens are still a relatively new franchise, having only come into being in 1996 after technically relocating from Cleveland. They have had an interesting mix of players since they have come to Baltimore, and that includes at the quarterback position. Who though has been sacked the most in team history? Here are the […]

Who Is The Most Sacked Quarterback In Kansas City Chiefs History?

The Kansas City Chiefs came into pro football as the Dallas Texans in 1960 as part of the American Football League. They experienced a good deal of success early on in their history and have had a number of better than average and even great seasons over the years. The Chiefs have had good quarterbacks […]

The Most Sacked Quarterbacks In Philadelphia Eagles History

Quarterback is the glamour position in the NFL and gets most of the attention. Quarterbacks not only get attention for accomplishments and achievements, they get attention for the bad stuff too. One of the bad stats that quarterbacks get blamed for is quarterback sacks, though they are sometimes unavoidable. The Philadelphia Eagles have had some […]

The Most Sacked Washington Redskins Quarterbacks Of All Time

The Washington Redskins are one of the oldest franchises in the National Football League. They have had some amazing success during their time in the NFL, and much of that is do to some of the great quarterbacks that have been on the team. Who though has been sacked the most over the years? Sacks […]

Looking At The Yearly Leader In Quarterback Sacks

Statistics for quarterback sacks have only been officially kept since 1982, so there are a lot of great defensive people left out of the picture when looking back at the history of quarterback sacks in the NFL. Here are some facts surrounding quarterback sacks. -The fewest sacks to ever lead the league in that category […]