Five Fun Facts About Miami Dolphins Quarterback Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill is one of the exciting young quarterbacks in the NFL. He has shown that he is dangerous both running and throwing the ball. Tannehill has quickly become a fan favorite there too. Here are five fun facts about Ryan Tannehill: That Jersey Number Ryan Tannehill wears jersey number 17 for the Miami Dolphins. […]

All The Players Who Caught Just One TD Pass From Dan Marino Of The Dolphins

Dan Marino had a great NFL career, playing all of it with the Miami Dolphins. Over the course of that career he threw 420 regular season touchdown passes. A number of great players and memorable Dolphins caught a lot of them too, including Nat Moore, Irving Fryar, Mark Clayton, and Mark Duper. There were also […]

Which Players Caught Just One TD Pass From Bob Griese Of The Miami Dolphins?

Bob Griese is a true NFL legend. He was quarterback of the Miami Dolphins during a time when they were truly the best team in the NFL. He played in a lot of big games over the years. He also threw a lot of touchdown passes. Many players caught a lot of touchdown passes thrown […]

The Most TD Passes By A Detroit Lions Rookie Quarterback

The Detroit Lions are one of the oldest franchises in the National Football League. Over the years, there have been some great players who have played for the team too. That includes at quarterback. Being a successful quarterback in the NFL is hard enough. Being successful in that position as a rookie is even harder. […]

How Many Utah State Quarterbacks Were Drafted Into The NFL

Utah State University has a long history and has contributed a number of players to the NFL. How many quarterbacks out of Utah State have been taken in the NFL Draft? Bob Winters – 1957 – Browns – 22nd Round Jim Turner – 1963 – Redskins – 19th Round Bill Munson – 1964 – Rams […]

Who Did Dan Marino Throw The Most TD Passes Against?

Dan Marino had a long career in the NFL, playing each of his 17 seasons with the Miami Dolphins. He put up a number of great team and league records, led his team into some of the biggest games in franchise history, and had some amazing on-field accomplishments. Which team though did Dan Marino throw […]

How Many Players Caught Just One Career TD Pass From John Elway?

John Elways has gone down as one of the top quarterbacks in NFL history. Over the years he won a lot of games and he also threw a lot of touchdown passes. How many? He threw exactly 300 touchdown passes during his career, all with the Denver Broncos. Shannon Sharpe caught more TD passes from […]

20 New York Giants Quarterback Fun Facts

The New York Giants are one of the most tradition rich teams in the National Football League. They’ve had a number of great players over the years, including at the quarterback position. Here is a look at 20 fun facts about New York Giants quarterbacks. Most Years As Leading Passer From 1948 to 1959, a […]

Update: New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady’s Favorite Receivers

If you could judge a quarterback’s favorite receiver based on who he throws the most touchdown passes to, that’d be a fun exercise. We did just that with Tom Brady, but that was way back in 2009. That can be found here: Tom Brady’s Favorite Receivers Tom Brady has had an amazing career in the […]

20 Buffalo Bills Quarterback Fun Facts

The Buffalo Bills came to professional football in 1960 as one of the founding members of the American Football League. Through the years the team has had some very successful years. They’ve also had some very successful quarterbacks. Here are 20 fun facts about the quarterbacks of the Buffalo Bills. Double Digit TD Passes From […]