The Five Biggest Halftime Leads In NFL History

Obviously the point of any NFL game is to score more points than your opponent. This can be done with a good defense, a good offense, or a combination of both. Teams that jump out to early leads also have a better chance of ending up winning the game. With that in mind, today we […]

300 Yard Passing Games And The American Football League (AFL)

The American Football League came into existence in 1960 as a direct competitor of the National Football League. Originally they were not given a chance, but they stuck through some tough times and after a decade ended up merging with the NFL. One of the things that set this new league apart from the NFL […]

Quarterbacks Leading The League In Touchdown Passes In Consecutive Years

One of the things many people use to assess how effective an NFL quarterback was is checking out how many touchdown passes he threw. The best quarterbacks usually end up at the top of the leaderboard for passes thrown for touchdowns during the season. What quarterbacks have put together consecutive years as the leader in […]

Reggie Collier – The First To Pass And Rush For 1000+ Yards In A Season

The name Reggie Collier may not be that well known to today’s younger football fans, but back in the early 1980’s, for a brief period he was the man. Collier played for Southern Miss and would become a household name among college football fans. He sat on the bench behind Dane McDaniel during his freshman […]

Who Has Thrown The Most Touchdown Passes In A Loss In NFL History?

Strong armed quarterbacks are worth their weight in gold to NFL franchises. Usually when a good quarterback has a great game, throwing multiple touchdown passes, the team has a great chance of winning. It is possible though to throw a lot of touchdown passes in a loss. That got us wondering, who has thrown the […]

Rushing Touchdowns By Players Over The Age Of 40

The bulk of the players entering the National Football League do so at the age of 22, after they finish their college careers. Some are a little bit older, some are a little bit younger, but that is where most of them fall. The vast majority of those players do not have a career lasting […]

Quarterbacks Who Have Thrown For More Than 500 Yards In A Game And Won

Yesterday we took a look at five quarterbacks who have passed for 500 or more yards in a game and still managed to lose.  There were five players who did it, here is that entry. Five QBs Who Threw For 500 Yards In A Game And Lost Today we see that there are also four […]

The Most Rushing Yards Without A Touchdown In NFL History

When a running back has a great game, it is usually assumed he has broken the 100 yard mark.  A particularly great performance might even see the running back game more than 150 yards.  Some running backs even go over the 200 yard mark in a game and that is generally considered to be a […]

Going Over 100 Yards In Rushing And Receiving In The Same Game

A great running back can change a game by putting on a good performance.  One of the best ways to measure a running back’s performance is by how many 100 yard games they have.  A running back can also positively affect a game by doing well as a receiver.  Today, we’ll be taking a look […]

The Most 4,000 Yard Passing Seasons In NFL History

Throughout modern NFL history, quarterbacks have routinely been measured by how many 3,000 yard passing seasons they have had. A 3,000 yard season is a good indicator that a player has had a lot of success through the air during the year. A number of quarterbacks take it up a notch and even go past […]