The Retired Numbers Of The Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have only played in the desert of Arizona since the late 1980’s. Before that they spent a good amount of time in St. Louis where they had moved to from the city of Chicago. The truth is that the Cardinals are one of the oldest franchises in professional football. Like most pro […]

The Retired Jersey Numbers Of The Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have had a long and interesting history in the National Football League.  The team is noted for having a blue collar attitude in a city that can be a little bit intimidating for those visiting from out of town.  Over the years, the Eagles have had great players, played in big games, […]

The Retired Jersey Numbers Of The Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions belong in the list of the oldest franchises in the National Football League. They began play in 1930 in Detroit and have remained in the city ever since. Through the years, there have been good seasons and bad seasons, but Lions fans continue to show up either way to root their team […]

The Retired Jerseys Of The Buffalo Bills

One of the traditions in team sports that is particularly appealing to those that appreciate history and nostalgia is that of retiring the jersey numbers of great players from the past. There are three parts to the process though; first is having the great career, then is the jersey retirement ceremony, and finally is the […]

The Retired Jersey Numbers Of The New York Giants

The New York Giants are one of the truly great franchises in professional sports. They joined the NFL in 1925 and have won a number of important games over the years. They have even put together seasons where when it was all said and done, they stood alone as the champion of the league. Part […]