Comparing The 25th And 40th Anniversary Teams Of The Minnesota Vikings

Many football teams celebrate certain milestones by naming an anniversary team. This has been done by decade or by specific year like a 25th or 50th anniversary team. This is a great way for a team to honor the best players they have ever had. The Minnesota Vikings named a 25th Anniversary Team in 1985 […]

The Overtime Touchdowns Scored By The Minnesota Vikings

photo credit: Bjorn Hanson The Minnesota Vikings came into the NFL in 1961 and since that time have played in some very big games. The players who have played for the team have scored some big touchdowns, including one of the most exciting kinds of touchdowns to score, the overtime touchdown. Overtime was introduced into […]

What Running Backs Have Rushed For 1000 Yards In Their Final Season?

Running backs are extremely vital to the success of a football team. They often wear down though by the end of their career and end up splitting time or being injured. Very few running backs retire at the top of their game. Here we are going to look at the list of NFL running backs […]

1000 Yard Running Backs In Their Last Year In The League?

Good running backs are worth their weight in gold.  Players also gain a reputation for hanging around long after their prime.  Here’s an interesting fact about running backs in the NFL.  How many have rushed for 1,000 yards or more in their last year in the league? The answer is:  5 Jim Brown – 1,544 […]

Who Has Led The Minnesota Vikings In Rushing The Most Times?

Finding a running back that can be productive and durable is tough, in fact many NFL franchises go years without being able to do so. Who has led the Minnesota Vikings in rushing the most times? -Three players have led the Vikings in rushing three times: Dave Osborn (1967, 1969-70), Ted Brown (1980-82), and Herschel […]