The Best Washington Redskins Rookie Quarterbacks Of All Time

The Washington Redskins began way back in 1932 in Boston and have had a number of great players, coaches, and participated in so many great games over the years. They’ve had some great quarterbacks over the years too. Succeeding as a rookie quarterback in the NFL is tough. Here is a look at the best […]

10 Atlanta Falcons Rookie Receivers Fun Facts

The Atlanta Falcons have had some exciting teams over the years and a lot of that is due to their passing game. Sometimes even the rookies can make an impact too. Here is a look at some fun facts related to Atlanta Falcons rookie receivers during the team’s history. The Most Yards In A Season […]

Rookie Running Backs And Their 100 Yard Games Against The Buffalo Bills

Being a rookie running back in the NFL is tough enough what with all the pressure to perform at a high level. The Buffalo Bills have been in pro football since 1960, first in the AFL and since 1970 as part of the NFL. How many rookie running backs have had 100 yard games against […]

Over 150 Things You May Not Know About Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson sure has had a major impact on the Seahawks and the NFL in 2012. First he beats out the guy the team brought in to be the starter during the preseason, Matt Flynn, and then he leads the team to their first road win in the playoffs since 1983… 1983!!! He’s an exciting […]

The Best Rookie Quarterback In San Francisco 49ers History

Every team in the NFL would love to find a great quarterback. Having one of the best quarterbacks in the league seems to make life easier for the rest of the offense, the defense, and even the coaching staff. These types of players don’t come along often, and it is even more rare for them […]

The Best Oakland Raiders Rookie Quarterback Ever

Over the years, the Oakland Raiders have had some great quarterbacks.  George Blanda would seemingly play forever and end up in the Hall of Fame, Darryle Lamonica is a legend, Jim Plunkett would quarterback the team to two Super Bowl triumphs, and Rich Gannon would win a league MVP award at the position.  None of […]

21 Buffalo Bills Rookie Quarterback Facts

The Buffalo Bills came into pro football in 1960 as one of the founding members of the American Football League.  Through the years, they have had some very good seasons and some very good players, including quarterbacks. Here is a look at 21 interesting facts about rookie quarterbacks who have played for the Buffalo Bills. […]

The Five Best Rookie Running Backs In Kansas City Chiefs History

The Kansas City Chiefs are a great franchise and have had a lot of successful years. They started in 1960 as one of the founding members of the American Football League and have reached great heights in the NFL too. The running game has always been an important part of the Chiefs offense, but finding […]

The Top Five Rookie Running Backs In Detroit Lions History

The Detroit Lions are one of the oldest football franchises in the NFL. Despite their extended run of bad fortune, they have also had a great deal of success during their time in the league. This includes having had some great players over the years. One of the most important roster spots on a football […]

Little Known Facts About The Rookie Year Of Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez

There was a lot of excitement among New York Jets fans when Mark Sanchez was drafted by their team in the 2009 NFL Draft. He had an up and down season, sometimes looking like he had it all together and sometimes looking like he was a little overwhelmed. He always looked like he would eventually […]