The All Time Best Running Backs In New Orleans Saints History

The New Orleans Saints came into the National Football League in 1966 and like most expansion teams had some tough years in the beginning. Since then though they have had a good mix of successful years and years that were more of a struggle. Like every team in the NFL, the Saints have relied on […]

How Many Times Have The Miami Dolphins Given Up 100 Yards Rushing To A Rookie?

The Miami Dolphins have been one of the more successful teams in NFL history. This has come because over the years they have had great offenses that can put up serious points, but they have also had great defenses. Defenses pride themselves on stuffing the run. Running backs pride themselves on breaking the 100 yard […]

The Most 100 Yard Rushing Games In New Orleans Saints History

The New Orleans Saints started playing football in the late 1960s and after a long tough stretch of games, they finally became a team others had to worry about during the 1980s. They have had up years and down years, but have usually managed in recent years to put a quality product on the field. […]

December 7th, 1986 – Rueben Mayes Of The Saints Dominates The Dolphins Like No One Else Ever Has

The Miami Dolphins are one of the proudest franchises in the entire National Football League. They have good reason to be too as they have experienced more than their fair share of success over the years, including going undefeated and winning the Super Bowl in 1972. The Dolphins have almost always featured a better than […]

Rushing For 200 Yards And Still Losing The Game

A 200 yard rushing performance is an amazing accomplishment. One that most running backs cannot say they were able to pull off during their career. How many though have ever rushed for more than 200 yards and then had their team lose in the process? Since 1960 there have been seven players to rush for […]