The Five Best Running Back Seasons In Dallas Cowboys History

The Dallas Cowboys have been extremely successful in the NFL, pretty much from their early days in the league. One of the main ingredients to the Cowboys teams of the past has been great running backs and productive rushing seasons. With all the men who have suited up for them at the position though, who […]

Rushing Milestones That Were Almost Achieved In 2010

The NFL has a good selection of great running backs right now. How do they stack up to the great running backs that have played before them though? How close are some of them to major milestones? Let’s take a look. Career Rushing Yards While no one is close to Emmitt Smith’s mark of 18,355 […]

The Worst Rushing Day In New Orleans Saints History

The New Orleans Saints began play in 1967 and had a rough go of it for the first few years. To be honest, they had a rough go of it for the first couple of decades or so. They didn’t put up their first winning season until 1987. The early 1970’s were particularly tough, with […]