The Packers… The Bears… Two Games, Four Points

photo credit: McBLG97 In football, points are what matters. Points decides who wins and who loses the game. The highest you can score on a play is six points, via a touchdown, which you can then add on to with a one or two point conversion. The lowest you can score is one point, but […]

Only Two Players Ever Scored Two Safeties In Their Rookie Season

Scoring a safety is not the easiest thing to do. First, the ball has to be near the goal line, and then the quarterback or running back has to be tackled in the end zone. There are other ways to get a safety too that involve punt and kick returners, punters, and more. The main […]

Bears Defensive Back Mike Brown Does Something No One Else Has

One of the most exciting plays in football is an interception returned for a touchdown. This is especially true when the interception takes place in overtime. More than 30 players in NFL history have returned interceptions for touchdowns in over. But, has anyone done it more than once? Chicago Bears Mike Brown is the only […]

Some Interesting Info On The Seattle Seahawks Defense

While a potent offense is strong, an NFL team cannot expect to win many games if they don’t also have a potent defense. Here is a look at some notable information about the Seattle Seahawks defense over the years. -The highest any Seahawks defensive unit has been ranked in the NFL in terms of fewest […]

Players Who Have Recorded Two Safeties In One Season – Not An Easy Thing To Do

Jared Allen, of the Minnesota Vikings, has already scored two safeties this season by tackling players in their own end zones. The safety is a rare thing for a player to be responsible for as it doesn’t happen all the time. In fact, the last time a player scored two in one season was 1993 […]