Five Little Known Facts About NFL Kicker Morten Andersen

Morten Andersen had a long NFL career, playing from 1982 to 2007, and retired holding a number of NFL records. Here are five little known facts about this great NFL kicker. -Only two players have come out of Michigan State University and played more than two decades in the NFL. The first was quarterback Earl […]

Who Played The Most NFL Games As A Draft Pick Of The New Orleans Saints?

When an NFL team drafts a player, they not only hope that player does well, but also plays a long time. The New Orleans Saints have had some very successful drafts over the years. What player went on to play more games than any other player drafted by the team? Morten Andersen was drafted by […]

Great Games – Drew Brees Goes Off In A Losing Effort For The Saints

The story of the game on November 19th, 2006 was not Drew Brees’ incredible stats.  It was the fact that the Saints had given up 21 fourth quarter points to the Cincinnati Bengals, including two touchdowns of more than 50 yards, and lost the game 31-16.  Chad Ochocinco had scored three touchdowns on the day, […]

The All Time Best Running Backs In New Orleans Saints History

The New Orleans Saints came into the National Football League in 1966 and like most expansion teams had some tough years in the beginning. Since then though they have had a good mix of successful years and years that were more of a struggle. Like every team in the NFL, the Saints have relied on […]

The Most 100 Yard Rushing Games In New Orleans Saints History

The New Orleans Saints started playing football in the late 1960s and after a long tough stretch of games, they finally became a team others had to worry about during the 1980s. They have had up years and down years, but have usually managed in recent years to put a quality product on the field. […]

The Best Rookie Quarterback In New Orleans Saints History

Quarterback is thought of by many to be the most important position on a football team. Getting a good one can be hard though. Getting a good rookie quarterback can sometimes feel like the impossible search. The New Orleans Saints have had a number of good quarterbacks over the years, but the vast majority of […]

The Five Best Rookie Passing Days In New Orleans Saints History

Quarterbacks are a vital part of any NFL team’s success. It is hard to find a good quarterback that a franchise can hang onto for a significant amount of time, but that doesn’t stop teams from trying. The hunt for the right quarterback often means giving rookie quarterbacks a try at leading the team. The […]

Who Did The Rams Jim Everett Thrown The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Jim Everett came into the NFL out of Purdue University and helped the Los Angeles Rams become one of the more dominant teams in the league. He put up very good numbers for a time and was thought of as one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. He would also play a few seasons […]

The Most 1,000 Yard Receiving Seasons In New Orleans Saints History

The New Orleans Saints came into the National Football League in the late 1960s, and after a long period of struggling have come on to be one of the better teams in the league. The Saints have had a number of very good quarterbacks over the years including Drew Brees, Ken Stabler, Archie Manning, and […]

Who Did The Raiders Kenny Stabler Throw The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Kenny Stabler was one of the most popular Oakland Raiders players ever. After the great Raiders quarterback Daryle Lamonica retired, Stabler came along and gave the fans of the team reason to believe that the good years would continue… and continue they did. He scrambled, he ran, he threw bombs, and he was a big […]