NFL Kickers Ready To Move Up On The All-Time Leader List In 2017

Wiuth the 2017 NFL season ready to start, we’re taking a look to see if any kickers are primed to move up on the all-time career leader list this year. Extra Points Made On the top ten all-time list for extra points made in NFL history, there is one active kicker. Adam Vinatieri has been […]

The Highest Drafted Kickers In NFL History

Kickers are some of the most underrated players in the NFL. They contribute a great deal to whether a team wins or loses a game and there is a lot of pressure on them in most situations when they are in on a play. Historically though, kickers are not drafted that high. We wanted to […]

The One-Team Kickers In The All-Time Top 50

Staying with one team for an entire NFL career is not always feasible, especially in the modern era. We’re going to look at what kickers who appear on the Top 50 All-Time Field Goals Made List spent their entire career with just one team. How many kickers in the All-Time Top 50 played their whole […]