Seattle Seahawks 100 Yard Rushing Facts

100 yard rushing games are still used as a gauge of a running back’s effectiveness. Here are some facts about the Seattle Seahawks and their 100 yard rushers. -Quarterback Russell Wilson was the 20th different player to have a 100 yard rushing game for the Seattle Seahawks when he ran for 102 yards in a […]

The Top Five Seattle Seahawks Rushing Leaders

The Seattle Seahawks came into the NFL as an expansion team in 1976.  They had a rough road during their first few years in the league, but then began experience several different eras of success.  Running backs have been a big part of the team’s history, like they are for every team in the NFL.  […]

Who Has Led The Seattle Seahawks In Rushing The Most?

There are few positions on an NFL team more important than running back. A good running back can go a long way in making a team more competitive. It is hard though to find a running back that can put up good numbers season after season. Who has led the Seattle Seahawks in rushing the […]