The Best Receiving Seasons In Green Bay Packers History

Over the years, the Green Bay Packers have had some great receivers. They’ve also been blessed with some very good quarterbacks getting them the ball. Which receivers though have had the best receiving seasons in Green Bay Packers history? Receptions Only three players have ever caught 100 or more passes in a season for the […]

Who Scored The Most Touchdowns In Their Final Season In The NFL

Finishing strong and going out on top are never bad ways to describe an NFL player. There are also few stats that measure how important a player was to their team like total touchdowns scored. With that in mind, today we are looking at who has scored the most touchdowns in their final season in […]

What Receivers Have Gained 1000 Yards In Their Final Season?

Finishing strong and going out on top are important traits to have as an NFL player, but they aren’t always possible. Due to diminished skills, injuries, or sharing playing time with younger players; when an NFL player comes to the end of their career they don’t always have the opportunity to have one of their […]

Brett Favre’s Effect On The Best Wide Receiver Seasons In Green Bay Packers History

It goes without saying that Brett Favre is not only the best quarterback that the Green Bay Packers ever had, but one of the best the NFL has ever seen. What is a good way to measure how good he is though? Let’s try by taking a look on the effect he had on the […]