Who Did Patriots Great Steve Grogan Throw The Most Touchdown Passes To?

The New England Patriots are one of the most successful and popular team in recent years and much of this is due to the play of their quarterback. Before Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe, the New England quarterback that had made the biggest mark on the team was Steve Grogan. Grogan came to the team […]

Interesting Facts About Former New England Patriots Great Stanley Morgan

During the latter part of the 1970’s and through to the mid 1980’s, there wasn’t a better or more important receiver for the New England Patriots than Stanley Morgan. Morgan came into the league as a speed demon, one of the fastest players at his position. He used this speed to separate himself from defensive […]

The Top Ten New England Patriots Quarterbacks By Wins

The New England Patriots have established themselves in the last decade or two as one of the top teams in the National Football League. Previous to that, there were some up and down years for the franchise. They have been somewhat lucky over the years to have a good amount of stability at the quarterback […]

Interesting Facts About Longtime Patriots Quarterback Steve Grogan

Steve Grogan was drafted in the 5th round of the 1975 NFL Draft out of Kansas State University by the New England Patriots. While in college, he set most of the passing records at Kansas State and was regarded as a highly mobile and accurate passer. He played 16 seasons in the NFL, each of […]

Steve Grogan’s Greatest Games

Steve Grogan was drafted by the New England Patriots in the fifth round of the 1975 NFL Draft. He played 16 seasons in the NFL, all of them with the Patriots. He was a fan favorite in a lot of ways and had a very productive career. What are Steve Grogan’s greatest games though? -The […]

The Career Passing Leaders Of The New England Patriots

The New England Patriots came into pro football as part of the American Football League in the 1960s. They then merged with the rest of the AFL teams into the NFL in 1970. Over the years they have had some great quarterbacks that have put up some impressive passing numbers in games, seasons, and their […]

The One-Team Quarterbacks In The All-Time Top 50

With the way professional football is these days, it is very hard to imagine there being too many one team quarterbacks anymore. Here we are going to look at the All-Time Top 50 quarterbacks (through the 2008 season), in terms of passing yardage gained, and see who on the list spent their entire careers with […]

A Surprise Name In The Top Five New England Patriots Rushing Touchdowns List

Running backs are a vital part of every NFL football team. They usually get the most touches on the team and are relied upon for tough yardage, especially around the goal line. The Patriots have had a few great running backs during their years, many of them helping the team experience the many positive moments […]