Who Did Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Jim Zorn Throw The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Jim Zorn was one of the first fan favorites that the Seattle Seahawks ever had. This young and active quarterback came along and had his rookie season in the same year that the Seahawks started as a franchise. The two grew together somewhat and he is still loved by the football fans of the Pacific […]

The Career Receiving Leaders Of The Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are one of the more recent additions to the National Football League, having joined it in 1976. Over the years though, the team has had some decent quarterbacks and some great receivers. Here is a look at some of the receiving leaders in various categories for the Seattle Seahawks. -No player has […]

The Favorite Receivers Of Longtime Seahawks Quarterback Dave Krieg

Dave Krieg is not thought of in the same way as a lot of the great quarterbacks in NFL history, but because of his longevity he actually has numbers that rank him among some of the best ever. Dave Krieg’s rookie season was 1980, and he went on to play an amazing 19 years in […]

The Favorite Receivers Of The Seattle Seahawks Jim Zorn

Jim Zorn was the first quarterback that the Seattle Seahawks franchise ever had. His rookie season was 1976 which was also the first year the Seahawks were in the league. He played college football at Cal Poly Pomona and then was the starter for Seattle for seven and a half years. He finished his career […]

The One-Team Wide Receivers In The All-Time Top 50

It is rare these days for a player, no matter how good they are, to play their entire career with just one NFL team. With that in mind, we’re looking today at which wide receivers on the All-Time Top 50 Career Receiving Yards list (through the 2008 season) played their entire careers with just one […]

Interesting Facts About Quarterback And Coach Jim Zorn

Jim Zorn was the first quarterback to take the field in the history of the Seattle Seahawks franchise. He was very effective, even though he was largely surrounding by a team that lacked talent. He established a lifelong friendship with teammate and future Pro Football Hall of Fame member Steve Largent and was also a […]