Five Little Known Facts About Wide Receiver Steve Smith

Steve Smith starred throughout the 2000’s as one of best threats the Carolina Panthers had. He is now finishing his career with his second, and he says final, season with the Baltimore Ravens. Here is a look at some little known facts about this great player. Quite A Pair Steve Smith began his college football […]

Four Of The Five 2009 Receiving Yards Leaders Have Something In Common

Through week two of the 2009 NFL season, here are the top five leaders in the receiving yards category. 1. Dallas Clark, Colts – 222 yards 2. (tie) Santonio Holmes, Steelers – 214 yards 2. (tie) Steve Smith, Giants – 214 yards 4. Mario Manningham, Giants – 208 yards 5. Reggie Wayne, Colts – 199 […]

Who Has Made The Most Pro Bowls As A Carolina Panther?

The Carolina Panthers began play in 1995, so they are still one of the newer teams in the league. Which player has made the most Pro Bowls for the team in their short history? The answer is a tie, both tight end Wesley Walls (1996,1997,1998,1999, 2001) and kick returner Michael Bates (1996,1997,1998,1999, and 2000) were […]