Five Fun Facts About Super Bowl Quarterbacks

There isn’t a higher profile position in the NFL than quarterback. Quarterbacks get a lot of attention and that is even more true when it comes to the Super Bowl. Here are five fun facts about Super Bowl quarterbacks. Travelin’ Man The first quarterback to start two different Super Bowls for two different NFL teams […]

Five Super Bowl Running Back Fun Facts

There is no bigger game than the Super Bowl in professional football. Players of all types can make big impacts on this important game too. Here is a look at some fun facts concerning running backs in the Super Bowl. Six Ball Carriers The Chiefs had six different players rush the ball for them during […]

Five Super Bowl Wide Receiver Fun Facts

Wide receivers have made a big impact on the Super Bowl over the years. Here’s a look at five fun facts about wide receivers in the Super Bowl. Two Touchdowns! The first two touchdown game by a wide receiver in a Super Bowl was turned in by Raiders receiver Bill Miller in Super Bowl II. […]

Super Bowl Kicker Fun Facts

Kickers can play a big role in a football game. That’s even more notable when there’s as much on the line as a win or loss in the Super Bowl. Here is a look at five fun facts about Super Bowl kickers: The First Kick Don Chandler played in the NFL from 1956 to 1967. […]

What States Have Hosted The Most Super Bowls?

The Super Bowl is famous for being held in warmer climates, although that isn’t always the case. Domed stadiums have also hosted the Super Bowl a number of times too. But, what states have hosted the Super Bowl the most times? Florida – 15 Times The state of Florida hosted its first Super Bowl way […]

Going For It On Fourth Down In The Super Bowl

Through Super Bowl 44 in 2010, teams have only gone for it on fourth down five times. The Washington Redskins, New England Patriots, and Buffalo Bills have all done it once; and the Dallas Cowboys have done it twice. All five times it was done, the end result for each team was a touchdown. The […]

Who Has A Perfect Record In The Super Bowl?

27 different teams have played in the Super Bowl over the years. Of all those teams, there are only four that have perfect records in the big game. The New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are all 1-0 in Super Bowls. One team is far and away superior in this department though. […]

Super Bowl Trivia – Part Three

Hope the big game is going the way you hoped it would. Here is the final installment of little known facts about the Super Bowl. -The most passes ever attempted in one Super Bowl game was 58 and was done by Jim Kelly of the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVI. -Only four NFL teams […]

Super Bowl Trivia – Part Two

We’re getting closer to game time… here are some more little known facts about the Super Bowl. Hope its a great game! -In his four Super Bowl appearances, Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers put up a total of 589 receiving yards. This sets the record for career receiving yards in Super Bowl history […]

Super Bowl Trivia – Part One

With the Super Bowl coming up, here is a taste of some little known Super Bowl trivia and information. Go Saints! Go Colts! Who are you picking? -The longest play from scrimmage in Super Bowl history was an 85 yard touchdown pass in Super Bowl XXXVIII thrown by Carolina Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme and caught […]