Great Games: The 49ers Terrell Owens Lights Up The Chicago Bears

The San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears have played in some great, and sometimes important, games over the years. The game they played on December 17th, 2000 was not an important game at all. It was the second to last game of the year and the Bears were sitting at 4-10 while the 49ers had […]

200 Yard Receiving Games For The Cincinnati Bengals

Terrell Owens joined the list of receivers who have caught more than 200 yards worth of receptions in a game for the Cincinnati Bengals on 10/3/2010 in a 23-20 loss to the Cleveland Browns. We got asked on Twitter, how many 200 yard receiving games have been made by Bengals receivers. Here is a look […]

The 49ers Steve Young’s Favorite Receivers

During his Hall of Fame career, Steve Young put up some great numbers and played in some incredible games. He was the Most Valuable Player of the NFL in 1992 and 1994. He would also be named the MVP of Super Bowl XXIX. He threw a great many touchdown passes during his career, but who […]

Who Has The Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo Thrown The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Tony Romo is one of those great NFL stories. He was a backup quarterback, who though he was thought of as somewhat of a prospect, he wasn’t thought of as a top flight quarterback at all. He got his shot though to lead the Dallas Cowboys and ever since he has been justifiably grouped with […]

Terrell Owens To Join The Bengals!?!?!

It looks like Terrell Owens will be joining the Cincinnati Bengals. Carson Palmer will have a new weapon in his arsenal and Chad Ochocinco will have a notable sidekick catching passes with him. Will this be enough to help the Bengals move on to that upper level of teams that many have thought they were […]

22 Tidbits Of Terrell Owens Trivia!

Terrell Owens has been a very productive wide receiver during his career. He has played for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills, and Cincinnati Bengals during his career. He’s made Pro Bowls, played in a Super Bowl, led the league in a number of different categories, and been a vital part […]

Interesting And Ironic Terrell Owens Information

Terrell Owens, the highly skilled Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, is a player surrounded by controversy. Much of the controversy that follows Owens is self inflicted and created. Terrell Owens’ life is divided into three equal pursuits: football, conflict, and explaining that the conflict was not his fault. Here is an ironic fact involving Owens’ autobiography […]

Comparing And Contrasting Randy Moss And Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens and Randy Moss have been two of the better wide receivers in the league since they both came in during the late 1990’s. Both have had trouble with teammates and have been considered “problems” because of both their on-field and off-field antics. Let’s examine these two great wide receivers, only using the stats… […]