The Pittsburgh Steelers Terry Bradshaw And His Favorite Receiver

The Pittsburgh Steelers had an amazing run of success in the 1970’s and it can all be chalked up to great coaching and an incredibly talented roster. On both sides of the ball, offensive and defensive, the team had a number of players that would eventually make it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. […]

Terry Bradshaw’s Greatest Games

Terry Bradshaw is famous for being a four time Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as a football commentator too. He even has appeared in a number of movies too. What are this Hall of Fame quarterback’s greatest games though? -The most yards Terry Bradshaw ever threw for in one game […]

The Pittsburgh Steelers Terry Bradshaw’s Favorite Receivers

Terry Bradshaw had a great career, including winning four Super Bowl titles. He played in some important games and put up some impressive numbers. He played 14 seasons in the NFL, retiring after the 1983 season. During his time in the league, all of it spent with the Steelers, he threw 212 total touchdown passes. […]

Pittsburgh Steelers’ Great Terry Bradshaw Only Had Six 300 Yard Games

There is little argument that Terry Bradshaw was a great quarterback in the NFL. He was drafted first overall by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970 NFL Draft, he led the team to four Super Bowl victories, he was selected to three Pro Bowls (1975, 78, 79), won two Super Bowl MVP awards, was the […]

A Hall Of Fame Quarterback Has One Of The Worst Games In NFL History – Who Was Even Worse?

When it comes to having success on the football field, it is hard to do without solid play from the quarterback position. There are a number of stats that can be looked at to judge a quarterback’s performance, but one that cannot be overlooked is completion percentage. Without completions, little else good can happen in […]

The One-Team Quarterbacks In The All-Time Top 50

With the way professional football is these days, it is very hard to imagine there being too many one team quarterbacks anymore. Here we are going to look at the All-Time Top 50 quarterbacks (through the 2008 season), in terms of passing yardage gained, and see who on the list spent their entire careers with […]

Terry Bradshaw In The Movies

Terry Bradshaw in the Movies Terry Bradshaw, besides being a Hall of Fame quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers and an NFL commentator, also has been active in television and the movies. Here is a look at his film career. 1978 – Hooper 1981 – Cannonball Run 1981 – The Stockers (TV Movie) 1985 – Hardcastle […]