Who Has The Most Career Touchdowns Against The Miami Dolphins?

The Dolphins are a great team but like every great team they have to go up against great players. Interested in what player has scored the most touchdowns against Miami over the years? 5th Place: In fifth place are two Hall of Fame running backs who each scored eight touchdowns against the Dolphins over the […]

Buffalo Bills Great Thurman Thomas’ First Game Ever

Thurman Thomas was a key member of the Buffalo Bills teams that dominated the AFC in the early 1990s. He was equally good at rushing and receiving. His ability to catch balls out of the backfield was something that opposing defenses had a hard time trying to scheme against. It was on September 4, 1988 […]

The Most Rushing Yards Without A Touchdown In NFL History

When a running back has a great game, it is usually assumed he has broken the 100 yard mark.  A particularly great performance might even see the running back game more than 150 yards.  Some running backs even go over the 200 yard mark in a game and that is generally considered to be a […]

Who Has Had The Most 1,000 Yard Rushing Seasons For The Buffalo Bills?

The Buffalo Bills came into professional football in 1960 with the rest of the original American Football League teams. They have had some up and down seasons over the years and have one of the more loyal fan bases in the league. During their time in pro football they have had great defensive players, quarterbacks, […]

Great Games: Thurman Thomas – 1991 vs. The Miami Dolphins

The Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins have had a long history featuring some great games. How each team was doing didn’t seem to matter as a Dolphins team going through a down year could still beat a Bills team that was riding high, and vice versa. In September of 1991, the Buffalo Bills defeated the […]