That Strange Up-And-Down Thing The Dallas Cowboys Used To Do

Football fans from the 1970’s and 80’s especially will remember a unique maneuver done primarily by the Dallas Cowboys. Sometimes referred to as the “Landry Shift”, as it was developed and put into practice by then Cowboys coach Tom Landry, it baffled some fans who were forced to wonder what its purpose was as no […]

Patient Ownership In The Past… A Thing Of The Past?

In today’s hire-and-fire world of pro football it is rare to see a head coach suffer through more than a few sub .500 seasons without being fired. Often we have to wonder what that coach could’ve developed into or accomplished with that team if the ownership had exhibited a little more patience. Depending on the […]

One Team Coaches In The Pro Football Hall Of Fame

When you look at the job history of the head coaches that have made it to the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame, you see that for the most part they have coached a number of different teams. It is rare that a first-time head coach will have immediate success enough to insure that he keeps one job […]

Who Are The Best Playoff Coaches Of All Time?

Best Playoff Coaches Of All Time A coach is most often judged not just on wins and losses, but how they do in the playoffs. Here is a look at some of the best playoff coaches of all time. -Who got their teams into the playoffs the most years? Don Shula coached the Baltimore Colts […]