Five Fun Facts About Sam Bradford Being Traded From The Eagles To The Vikings

With the recent trade of quarterback Sam Bradford from the Eagles to the Vikings, we thought it’d be a nice time to look at some fun facts about the whole situation. -Sam Bradford wore jersey number 7 with the Philadelphia Eagles. If he keeps that number, he’ll join another former Eagles quarterback who wore number […]

Should Ron Jaworski Ever Have Become A Philadelphia Eagle?

Ron Jaworski is one of the more popular Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks that the team has ever had. He was a vital part of the late 1970s and early 1980s Eagles teams that would eventually reach Super Bowl XV, only to lose to the Oakland Raiders. Jaworski had originally been drafted by the Los Angeles Rams […]

Quarterbacks Kyle Orton and Jay Cutler Swap Teams

Well, the blockbuster trade that everyone has been expecting to take place anytime finally happened.¬† The Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears swapped quarterbacks today with Kyle Orton and multiple draft picks going from Chicago to Denver for quarterback Jay Cutler. This trade significantly upgrades the Bears at the quarterback position and leaves the Broncos with […]

Colts And Rams, Biggest Trade In NFL History?

Colts and Rams, Biggest Trade in NFL History? While not officially a player for player swap, the Baltimore Colts and Los Angeles Rams participated in one of the most unusual, if not largest, trades in NFL history. In 1972, Baltimore Colts owner Carroll Rosenbloom traded the entire franchise (players, administration, equipment, everything) to Robert Irsay […]