How Many USC Trojans Quarterbacks Have Been Drafted Into Pro Football?

There are few colleges that can match the football history of the University of Southern California. The school has played in some great games and contributed some top names to the National Football League. How many USC quarterbacks have been drafted though? The answer, as of 2016, is 23. Jim Hardy – 1945 – Redskins […]

Five Interesting Facts About Pat Haden, QB Of The Rams And Trojans

Pat Haden had a relatively short NFL career, but he was a very memorable player. He starred at the University of Southern California, winning two national championships and making it to three Rose Bowls, including being named the co-MVP of the 1975 Rose Bowl. He then had a productive career in the pros before turning […]

29 Interesting Facts About Rams And USC Trojans Quarterback Pat Haden

Pat Haden has worn a number of hats in the world of football, including quarterback, broadcaster, and college athletic director. He was extremely successful at the college level and proved in the pros that he had the talent to play there as well. He played high school, college, and professional football all in Southern California […]

The Price The Jets Paid To Get The Services Of Quarterback Mark Sanchez

The New York Jets set two notable team standards when they acquired quarterback Mark Sanchez out of the University of Southern California. -The trade the team made to move up and select him 5th overall in the 2009 NFL Draft was the largest draft day trade in the team’s history. -As a rookie, before even […]

Looking Back at the 1977 NFL Draft

The mid to late 1970s was an era dominated by teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, and Minnesota Vikings. 1977 itself saw the Denver Broncos and the Dallas Cowboys put up the two best records in the NFL, each finishing 12-2 in the regular season. Those two teams would successfully navigate through the playoffs […]

Interesting Facts About Steelers Wide Receiver Lynn Swann

Lynn Swann was a great wide receiver and a vital part of the 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers teams that won four Super Bowls. Swann played college football at the University of Southern California and was drafted by the Steelers in the first round of the 1974 NFL Draft. He played his entire career with Pittsburgh, putting […]

What College Have The New Orleans Saints Drafted From The Most?

The New Orleans Saints came into the NFL in 1967 and had some tough years early on. The franchise experienced some success in the 1980s thanks to a great defense and also became a team to be reckoned with in the 2000s. Over the years, the Saints have drafted some great players and some not-so-great […]

Some Of The Players USC Has Sent Into The NFL

The University of Southern California is currently ranked number one in the nation in college football and they are one of the most storied college football programs in the country’s history. They always seem to be in the news every year, making headlines with their incredible on field performances. So here is a look at […]