USFL’s Chicago Blitz Merchandise Available

The USFL went out of business way back in the 1980s, but there’s still a lot of interest in it. One of the biggest ways to keep the nostalgia alive is to wear a t-shirt showing off a favorite USFL team like these featuring the Chicago Blitz. The Chicago Blitz played in the USFL in […]

Five Fun Facts About NFL Head Coach Jack Pardee

Jack Pardee had a long career in the NFL that included playing from 1957 to 1970 with the Los Angeles Rams and then with the Washington Redskins from 1971 to 1973. He was a full time linebacker who also saw occasional time at fullback. He was a hard working player who always had the respect […]

Stuff You May Not Know About The United States Football League

The United States Football League was a short lived professional football league that started as an alternative to the NFL in the mid 1980’s. The league featured some great players that would go on to star in the NFL, and even a few that made it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Today, the […]

Reggie Collier – The First To Pass And Rush For 1000+ Yards In A Season

The name Reggie Collier may not be that well known to today’s younger football fans, but back in the early 1980’s, for a brief period he was the man. Collier played for Southern Miss and would become a household name among college football fans. He sat on the bench behind Dane McDaniel during his freshman […]

Pro Football Teams – What’s In A Name?

In this modern age we are constantly hit with the idea of brand loyalty. How will customers, or fans, be able to make that connection with a company or team without continuity in a name? While Green Bay has always been the Packers, not every team has always played under the name they have today. […]

30 Interesting Facts About Jim Kelly, The Best Buffalo Bills Quarterback Ever

Jim Kelly first received national attention thanks to his athletic prowess as the quarterback of the University of Miami Hurricanes in the early 1980’s. He then went on to star in the United States Football League with the Houston Gamblers and eventually the National Football League with the Buffalo Bills. Based on his abilities and […]

Ask IQFB – Houston Gamblers Question

We recently had an excellent question submitted by Robert who has a bet with a friend regarding what the name of the cheerleaders for the Houston Gamblers was. Robert says it was the Poker Chips and has a case of pop riding on it with his friend. Well Robert, I’m sad to say that it […]

Rival Leagues Of The NFL

Rival Leagues of the NFL The National Football League is far and away the king when it comes to professional football. The popularity of the NFL has grown immensely in recent years, but it has been the main force in pro football since the 1920s. Every so often, a rival league will form to challenge […]