Updating The Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle

We posted just a couple of days ago about the Super Bowl Shuffle done by the 1985 Chicago Bears, including the lyrics to the song and some other interesting facts surrounding the performance. It looks like Boost Mobile is updating it, possibly tied into a Super Bowl commercial. Check out their site and they’ve got […]

Remembering The Super Bowl Shuffle

From the Punky QB to Sweetness himself, Walter Payton, the Super Bowl Shuffle as performed by the 1985 Chicago Bears will bring back memories to anyone who was a football fan in the 1980s. Some loved it, some hated it, and some just found it amusing. Interesting facts about the Super Bowl Shuffle: -The song […]

Video: The UFL Hits The Field

The United Football League (UFL) has been on the field for a couple of weeks now. The uniforms look modern and the play doesn’t look too bad. Here is a video showing highlights from week one’s match up between the California Redwoods and the Las Vegas Locos.

Video: Great Touchdown Celebrations

There are many emotions that describe football. Exhilarating, heart-stopping, exciting, stressful, devastation, and more. But, one of the funnest things about football is the touchdown celebrations that some players come up with. Some are spontaneous bursts of joy and some are well planned out in advance, but most are truly enjoyable. Here is a good […]

Some Awesome Randall Cunningham Highlights

Yesterday we mentioned how incredible some of Randall Cunningham’s highlights are. Here is a good look at some of them: RANDALL CUNNINGHAM – ONE OF THE MOST ELUSIVE RUNNERS EVER

Video: Reggie Bush Takes On The Minnesota Vikings Special Teams

During week 5 of the 2008 NFL season, the Minnesota Vikings‘ special teams unit had a tough time punting to Reggie Bush, as evidenced below. Reggie Bush is definitely a game changer, he so far has not proven himself to be an every down running back, but with punt returns like those he doesn’t have […]

Joe Theismann’s Broken Leg On Video

Joe Theismann is one of America’s favorite football broadcasters, he is knowledgeable about the game because he played the game. Theismann starred in college football at the University of Notre Dame, then transitioned into pro football in the Canadian Football League before coming to the Washington Redskins and eventually becoming the starting quarterback there. But […]

Brett Favre In Action In A New York Jets Uniform

It was hard enough to imagine it for many football fans, even more so for many Green Bay Packers fans, but here it is… something many never thought they would see… Brett Favre in action playing for another football team. He looks pretty good in that Jets uniform, doesn’t he?