Quarterbacks With Three Interception Games Over The Age Of 40

NFL quarterbacks often play past the age of 40. Those that do are usually either superstars ending their careers or very good ones who have transitioned to being backups. Today we’re taking a look at 40 year old quarterbacks who have had some pretty tough games. Throwing three or more interceptions in a game is […]

The First 40 Year Old Quarterback To Throw A TD Pass In A Season Opener

Aging is a tough thing in sports and it isn’t often that a player can continue to play well beyond the age of 40. The quarterback position, like the kicker, can sometimes be one of the positions where it can happen though. With that in mind, who was the first quarterback in NFL history to […]

13 Quarterbacks You May Not Realize Have Had 4,000 Yard Seasons

When a quarterback has a 3,000 yard season, it is generally considered that they have been very effective running their team’s passing game. A quarterback who passes for more than 4,000 yards in a season though has really done something exceptional. Needless to say, the list of quarterbacks who have accomplished this includes some of […]

Journeymen Quarterbacks: The 7-Teamers In The Top 100

Journeymen Quarterbacks: The 7-Teamers In The Top 100 There is no arguing that quarterback is probably the most important position on a football team. The quarterback calls the play, decides to audible or not, and handles the ball on nearly every play. There is an old saying that the quarterback gets too much of the […]

35 Interesting Facts About Quarterback Vinny Testaverde

Most football fans don’t consider Vinny Testaverde a great quarterback, but due to his talent and longevity he was able to retire with statistics that match up with some of the all time greats. Testaverde came out of college as a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback from the University of Miami. He was drafted number one […]

The Favorite Receivers Of Vinny Testaverde

Vinny Testaverde had an exceptionally long and very interesting career in the National Football League. He came into the league as a highly touted Heisman Trophy winning quarterback. By the midpoint of his career, many felt that he was largely an average player at best. Testaverde somewhat blossomed in the last third of his career […]

The Winningest New York Jets Quarterbacks Of All Time

The New York Jets are a great NFL franchise that has one of the best fan followings in the league. They have had up and down years since they were founded in the first year of the AFL in 1960, but they seem to be in the middle of a good streak at the moment. […]

Who Leads The Carolina Panthers In Rushing From The Quarterback Position?

Running quarterbacks don’t come around every day, but they can make a football team’s offense a little bit more hard to handle from the defensive perspective. Quarterbacks aren’t always known for their rushing ability, most prefer to see the long bomb or the well timed throw. Which Carolina Panthers quarterback has rushed for more yards […]

Players Who Have Led The NFL In Interceptions In Back-To-Back Years

There are a number of statistical categories that reflect positively on a quarterback, but interceptions is usually not one of them. Leading the league in interceptions thrown in a season is not something to be proud of. Who has managed to do it two years in a row though? NFL quarterbacks who have led the […]

The Oldest NFL Quarterbacks To Have Milestone Seasons

There are number of milestones in football statistics that are meaningful to players and fans alike. For quarterbacks those numbers are 300 yard passing games and 3,000 yard passing seasons. Who are the oldest quarterbacks to hit these milestones? -The oldest quarterback to have a 300 yard passing game was Vinny Testaverde, who in 2004 […]