Washington Huskies Quarterbacks Taken In The NFL Draft

The Washington Huskies have a long history as one of college football’s great teams.  Through the years they have had a number of very good players wear the purple and gold too.  Many of those have been quarterbacks.  What about the quarterbacks who have played for the Huskies and gone on to be drafted into […]

What College Have The Seahawks Drafted From The Most?

Teams draft based on talent. They are looking for the players that will help them the most. It is interesting sometimes though to see which college a team has drafted from the most. The Seattle Seahawks came into the league in 1976, the same year as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Since then, what college have […]

The Players Sent To The NFL From The University of Washington

The Washington Huskies have spent time as one of the best teams in college football, as well as time as one of the worst. Through 2009, 237 different football players have gone on to the NFL after playing college football at the University of Washington. Here is a look at some interesting facts surrounding the […]

Warren Moon Made A Habit Of Proving People Wrong

Warren Moon came out of the University of Washington as the Rose Bowl MVP winning quarterback, but despite his success at the college level he was undrafted in the 1978 NFL Draft. At the time, most black quarterbacks were encouraged to change to different positions, but Moon said in numerous interviews before the draft that […]