Looking At The 2008 Miami Dolphins

So, recently the Dolphins have been struggling at the quarterback position. After Trent Green’s perfectly terrible performance last season, the Dolphins are again searching for a new quarterback. They are now faced with the a decision to make, John Beck or Josh McCown?

McCown seems to be the better choice based on the fact that he has more experience and athletic ability then John Beck. McCown has been in the league for six years and currently has thirty-one starts and thirty-five touchdown passes. On the opposite side, John Beck had only one touchdown pass in his rookie year. Beck went almost fourteen quarters without putting together a scoring drive and seemed to lose the ball when put under pressure. The best bet seems to be McCown at the moment.

Moving on to the Wide Receiver position. Will Ted Ginn ever become the number one receiver on the Dolphins? Ted Ginn was drafted ninth overall and brings to the table two very impressive weapons, speed and a set of sure hands. The 178 pound 5’11 Wide receiver, with some training and practice could turn out to be exactly what the doctor ordered. I mean, Steve Smith and Santana Moss, two of the smaller receivers in the league, both make huge impacts on the field.

After taking an Injury to his Achilles’ Tendon, Strong Safety Yeremiah Bell is looking o help improve the Dolphins twenty-two takeaways last season, third fewest in the NFL. Hopefully he can provide the spark needed to help the Dolphins become a top defense in the league.

Outside Linebacker Joey Porter really needs to step his game up in order to earn his pay. With the current loss of Jason Taylor, the Dolphins pass rush is going to be pretty weak. He earns 2 million a sack and made 5 ½ sacks last season.

Middle Linebacker Channing Crowder has shown his above-average performance on the field. Unfortunately his behavior off the field leaves something to be desired. He stated that he is going to get focused and leave his physical gifts to optimum use.

Will Allen has been placed on the left side while Andre Goodman and Michael Lehan duke it out to earn the starting spot on the right. Should turn out to be a great battle, both bring different things to the table. In his 2006 season Lehan proved to be the Dolphins best corner, time will tell if he is still capable of filling that role.

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  1. Jon says:

    The third GB slot is mostly about potential….my money is that it will be Beck.

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