10 Fun Facts About The San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are a great franchise that has experienced an impressive amount of success over the years. Here is a look at 10 fun facts about this great team.

1. Hall of Fame running back Joe Perry was the first player ever to fumble the ball 50 or more times in a 49ers uniform. He coughed up the ball 60 times during his time with the team from 1948 to 1963.

2. The first touchdown pass Joe Montana threw in the NFL went for 16 yards in the 4th quarter of a 38-28 loss to the Broncos in 1979. It was caught by Bob Bruer. Bruer only caught eight touchdown passes during his NFL career and this was his only one as a 49er.

3. Frank Gore’s first 100 yard game came in the last game of the 2005 season, a 20-17 win over the Texans. He carried the ball 25 times for 108 yards and no touchdowns that day. He also caught two passes for 13 yards as well.

4. Jerry Rice would break the 49ers team career touchdown reception record in 1989, his fifth year with the team. The previous record had been 59 and was set by the great Gene Washington. Rice would go on to catch 179 total with San Franciso, playing with the team for 11 seasons after breaking that record.

5. Hall of Fame quarterback John Brodie threw more touchdown passes during his career in the second quarter than he did in any other quarter of play. He would throw 35 in the first quarter, 47 in the third quarter, 54 in the fourth quarter, but he would throw 78 TD passes during the second quarter.

6. In 1962, Abe Woodson returned 37 kickoffs for 1,157 yards. In doing so he became the first 49er to have 1,000 yard season as a kick returner.

7. The first receiver to appear in 100 or more games with the 49ers was Gordie Soltau who played in 107 games for the team from 1950 to 1958.

8. There are 16 games in the NFL regular season. During the 1995 season, Dexter Carter played in 17 games. He did this by playing the first 10 games of the season with the Jets before the team had their bye week, he then signed midseason with the 49ers to play the last seven games of their season after they had already had their bye week before he joined the team. He became the first player ever to record at least one touch and one yard in 17 regular season games in one year.

9. The last NFL touchdown pass of star receiver John Taylor’s career with the 49ers was the only TD pass ever thrown to him by Elvis Grbac.

10. In 1948, 49ers quarterback Frankie Albert completed 154 of 264 passes for 1,990 yards and 29 touchdowns. This was the first time a 49ers quarterback had ever thrown 20 or more TD passes in one season.

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