13 Interesting Facts About Cincinnati Bengals Rookie Quarterbacks

The Cincinnati Bengals have been around since the late 1960’s. They have had moments of great success over the years, along with down times too where the fans were not happy with the on field results. Over the years, a number of quarterbacks have begun their careers in Cincinnati, some have developed into good players or even stars, while others did not last long at all. Being a rookie quarterback in the National Football League is tough, regardless of what team you play for. Here is a look at 13 interesting facts about some of the rookie quarterbacks of the Cincinnati Bengals.

    -The Bengals had rookie quarterbacks start the first game of the season in back to back years early in their franchise’s history. Dewey Warren started the first game of the 1968 season and Greg Cook started the first game of the 1969 season.

    -In 1969, Greg Cook became the first Cincinnati Bengals rookie quarterback to have a four touchdown day when he did it in a 31-31 tie game against the Houston Oilers. Only one rookie QB has done that for the Bengals since, Carson Palmer threw four touchdowns in a 58-48 win over the Cleveland Browns in 2004.

    -Boomer Esiason’s rookie year was in 1984 and David Klingler’s was in 1992. They have some unique similarities for their first year in the league. Both started four games their rookies season, threw three touchdowns, and they both ended their rookie years with the exact same amount of passing yards, 530.

    -Carson Palmer set the record in 2004 for the most passing yards in a game by a Bengals rookie quarterback with 382. He did this in a 27-26 win over the Baltimore Ravens in week 13.

    -The most interceptions thrown in a game by a rookie quarterback for Cincinnati is three. Greg Cook did it first in 1969, then Donald Hollas did it in 1991, and then Carson Palmer did it twice in 2004.

    -The highest quarterback rating for the season ever achieved by a Bengals rookie quarterback who started at least three games is 89.5. That mark was set in 1968 by a player who would later coach the team, Sam Wyche.

    -The lowest quarterback rating for the season ever received by a Bengals rookie quarterback who started at least three games is 55.6. This happened in 1999 and was done by Akili Smith.

    -Carson Palmer’s 2,897 passing yards in 2004 is the most by any Bengals rookie quarterback ever.

    -No Bengals quarterback had more interceptions during their rookie season with the team than Carson Palmer with 18.

    -Carson Palmer is the only quarterback to start and win a Monday Night Football game as a rookie with the Bengals.

    -The highest quarterback rating a rookie QB for the Bengals has gotten in one game is 149.1. This was done in a 24-22 loss to the Dolphins in 1968 by Dewey Warren. He completed 10 of 11 passes for 150 yards, one touchdown, and no interceptions that day.

    -In 1969, rookie quarterback Greg Cook was sacked 29 times for the Bengals. No rookie quarterback in team history has topped that.

    -As of 2009, only two rookie quarterbacks have ever had 300 yard passing games for the Cincinnati Bengals. In 1969, Greg Cook threw for 327 yards in a win over the San Diego Chargers. No one else accomplished this until 35 years later when Carson Palmer did it twice, first throwing for 316 yards against the Baltimore Ravens in a week 3 loss and then for 382 yards against the same Ravens in a week 13 win.

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