20 Buffalo Bills Quarterback Fun Facts

The Buffalo Bills came to professional football in 1960 as one of the founding members of the American Football League. Through the years the team has had some very successful years. They’ve also had some very successful quarterbacks.

Here are 20 fun facts about the quarterbacks of the Buffalo Bills.

Double Digit TD Passes From Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly threw 237 regular season touchdown passes during his career with the Buffalo Bills. There are seven players who caught 10 or more from him during his time in the league: Andre Reed, Pete Metzelaars, Thurman Thomas, James Lofton, Don Beebe, Bill Brooks, and Keith McKeller.

A New Century Of Revolving Quarterbacks

For the first decade of the 2000’s, stretching from 2000 to 2009, the Buffalo Bills had seven different quarterbacks lead the team in passing: Rob Johnson, Alex Van Pelt, Drew Bledsoe, Kelly Holcomb, J.P. Losman, Trent Edwards, and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Tyrod Taylor’s First TD Pass

Tyrod Taylor’s first touchdown pass came in Week 1 of the 2015 season. It went for 51 yards and was caught by Percy Harvin in a win over the Colts.

A Quick Trip To The Top Three

Even though Drew Bledsoe only played three seasons with the Buffalo Bills, by the time he left the team he was already number three in Bills history in total passing yards with 10,151. He was the third Bills quarterback ever to throw for 10,000 or more yards with the team after Joe Ferguson and Jim Kelly.

Joe Ferguson… A League Leader

Longtime Buffalo Bills quarterback Joe Ferguson led the league in passing yards in 1977, touchdown passes in 1975, interceptions in 1977 and 1982, and in 1978, at 92 yards, he had the longest touchdown pass of the year.

Highest Drafted Buffalo Bills Quarterback

The first time the Buffalo Bills used a first round draft pick on a quarterback was in 1983 when they selected Jim Kelly. Prior to that, the highest they had drafted a quarterback was Dennis Shaw with the 30th overall pick in the second round in 1970.

Trent Edwards’ Longest Touchdown Pass

The longest touchdown pass Trent Edwards would throw in the NFL came on December 9, 2007 in a Bills win over the Dolphins when he connected with Lee Evans for a 70 yard score.

The First 3,000 Yard Season In Buffalo

The first Buffalo Bills quarterback to have a 3,000 yard season was Joe Ferguson in 1979. That year saw him throw for 3,572 yards. He’d do it for a second time in 1981.

Dennis Shaw’s Best Game

Dennis Shaw was quarterback for the Buffalo Bills during the early 1970’s. His best game was the first of the 1971 season when, in a loss to the Cowboys, he completed 18 of 30 passes for 353 yards and four touchdowns.

The First Pro Bowl Buffalo Bills Quarterback

The first Buffalo Bills quarterback to make it to the Pro Bowl was Daryle Lamonica in 1965.

Jim Kelly’s First 300 Yard Game

Jim Kelly is the Bills all time great quarterback. He had 26 different games in which he threw for more than 300 yards. His first 300 yard game came on November 2, 1986, in the 9th game of his rookie year, when he passed for 342 yards in a Buffalo loss to Tampa Bay.

Rob Johnson’s Best Game Ever

Rob Johnson’s best game of his NFL career came in 2000 in a Bills win over the Chargers when he completed 29 of 47 passes for 321 yards and a touchdown.

Ryan Fitzgerald And The Longest TD Pass Of The Year

After two seasons with the Rams and two seasons with the Bengals, Ryan Fitzgerald came to the Buffalo Bills in 2009. He had a record of 4-4 as a starter that year and his 98 yard touchdown pass to Terrell Owens in a loss to the Jaguars was the longest TD pass of the year in the NFL that season.

Most Bills Interceptions In A Game

In a loss to the Patriots in 1967, Bills quarterback and future Raiders head coach Tom Flores would throw five interceptions, tying the team record set in 1960 by Tommy O’Connell. This Bills record would be broken in 1974 when Joe Ferguson of the Bills threw six interceptions.

Vince Ferragamo? A Bill?

After a long career with the Los Angeles Rams, beginning in 1977, including a year away in the CFL, quarterback Vince Ferragamo came to the Buffalo Bills in 1985. He went 1-8 as a starter that season, the year before Jim Kelly would come to the team.

Most Buffalo Bills 300 Yard Games

When Joe Ferguson left the Buffalo Bills, he had thrown for over 300 yards in a game 10 times, a team record. Prior to him, the Bills quarterback with the most 300 yard games had been Jack Kemp and Dennis Shaw who’d each thrown for three. Jim Kelly would change all that, throwing for 300 yards or more in a game 26 times while with Buffalo.

Doug Flutie And His Win-Loss Record

Doug Flutie played for four teams during his NFL career. His career record as a starter was 38-28. He went 1-0 with the Bears, 8-5 with the Patriots, 8-14 with the Chargers, but was 21-9 while starting for the Bills from 1998 to 2000.

Buffalo Bills 90+ Yard TD Passes

Through the 2016 season, the Buffalo Bills have had four TD passes over 90 yards in distance. The first came in a win over the Oilers in 1964 when Jack Kemp and Glenn Bass hooked up for 94 yards. The second came in 1978 when Joe Ferguson and Frank Lewis teamed up for a 92 yard score. The third came in 1996 when Todd Collins and Quinn Early combined on a 95 yard score. The fourth was the 98 yard scoring play that Ryan Fitzpatrick and Terrell Owens had worked together on.

Jack Kemp And His Favorite Opponent

Jack Kemp was a young gunslinging quarterback for the Buffalo Bills during the 1960’s. During his career, the team he would throw more touchdown passes against than any other was the 22 he threw in games against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Forgotten Buffalo Bills Quarterbacks

Some NFL players you may not remember making it on the Buffalo Bills roster as quarterbacks include: Kyle Orton, Vince Ferragamo, James Harris, Billy Joe Hobert, and Shane Matthews.

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