Consecutive MVP Awards By Teammates

Consecutive MVP Awards By Teammates

Winning the Associated Press NFL MVP Award is a huge thing and reflects both on the player who won, and also the team he plays for. The award has been handed out since 1957, but how many times has one team one the award consecutively with different players winning the award.

It’s happened five times

Green Bay Packers
In 1961, Packers star halfback Paul Hornung won the award, the following year Hornung’s fullback Jim Taylor won the award.

Baltimore Colts
Johnny Unitas won the MVP Award as a member of the Baltimore Colts in 1967, the very next year it was won by backup quarterback Earl Morall.

Washington Redskins
In 1982, Redskins kicker Mark Moseley became the first kicker to win the NFL MVP Award, this was followed in 1983 with quarterback Joe Thiesmann winning the MVP award.

St. Louis Rams (Twice)
In 1999 Kurt Warner, the then quarterback of the St. Louis Rams won the MVP Award, this was followed in 2000 with the MVP award going to running back Marshall Faulk.

Following that 2000 MVP win by Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner won the award for the second time.

Winning the MVP award is truly a great accomplishment and only a few players have achieved it. With all the players in the league, it is understandable that not very often does a team have two different players win the award back-to-back… a quite impressive accomplishment.

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