A Logjam On The List Of Detroit Lions 3,000 Yard Passers

The Detroit Lions are one of the oldest franchises in professional football. They have had some great players on their roster over the years and experienced some success, but unfortunately a lot more failure.

Quarterbacks are often judged by how productive they are. Most commonly, by how many passing yards they put up over a full season. The standard measuring stick for NFL quarterbacks is the 3,000 yard season.

In the entire history of the Lions, who leads the team in 3,000 yard passing seasons?

First, though the team has been around for more than 90 years, they have only had a 3,000 yard throwing quarterback seven times. Three people are tied at the top of the list for most 3,000 yard seasons with two each, they are Gary Danielson, Jon Kitna, and Scott Mitchell. That leaves one other 3,000 yard season and that was accomplished by Joey Harrington.

Few things illustrate the struggles of the Lions more than the list above. The team has never had what anyone would consider th best quarterback in the league on their roster, and unfortunately it shows in a number of ways.

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