A Surprise Name In The Top Five New England Patriots Rushing Touchdowns List

Running backs are a vital part of every NFL football team. They usually get the most touches on the team and are relied upon for tough yardage, especially around the goal line. The Patriots have had a few great running backs during their years, many of them helping the team experience the many positive moments in the franchise’s history. When looking at the top five seasons for rushing touchdowns in the Patriots team history, there is a rather unexpected name that stands out.

Curtis Martin came to the Patriots straight out of the University of Pittsburgh and had the top two seasons in Patriots history in terms of rushing touchdowns. In both 1995, his rookie year, and 1996 he scored 14 rushing touchdowns. Corey Dillon came to the Patriots later in his career but was still a major contributor to the team. He has the 3rd and is tied for the 4th spot in the top five list with 13 rushing touchdowns in 2006 and 12 in 2005. Also tied for that 4th spot is a name most wouldn’t expect to see listed there. This player ran for 12 touchdowns during the 1976 season, that would be quarterback Steve Grogan.

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