An Amazing Four Year Streak For A Hall-of-Fame Quarterback

George Blanda is a hall of famer, a former NFL quarterback and kicker, and a pro football legend. He played more seasons in the NFL than any other player in history, and during his 26 years of play he excelled at multiple positions. But, here is a streak that most people think no hall of fame quarterback would ever come close to setting.

While quarterbacking the Houston Oilers in the AFL, he managed to lead the league in interceptions thrown in four consecutive seasons. Though no quarterback since has come close to the 42 interceptions Blanda threw to lead the league in 1962, Blanda would follow that up by throwing 25 in 1963, 27 in 1964, and 30 in 1965.

In three of those years leading the league in interceptions thrown, Blanda would also lead the league in passing attempts and pass completions.

As negative as interceptions are in a quarterback’s performance, it is hard to imagine a pro quarterback leading their league in interceptions thrown in four consecutive years and ending up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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