Cleveland Fans Don’t Wait Long For The First Winning Season In Franchise History

The Cleveland Browns are not among the oldest franchises in pro football history, but they can trace their team back to the years following World War II. Starting a franchise from scratch is a tough thing to do because assembling talent from a selection of players that are not already part of other teams can be difficult. It is for this reason, among many others, that it often take awhile for a new football team to have it’s first winning season.

One of the exceptions to that rule though is the Cleveland Browns. The Browns were founded in 1946 as part of the All-American Football Conference (AAFC). From the first snap of the first game, they showed themselves to be the dominant team in the league. Fans didn’t have to wait long to experience their team’s first winning season either as in that inaugural year, their first year in pro football, the Browns would put up a record of 12-2. They did this in large part thanks to have a great young coach in Paul Brown, and some awesome players including Otto Graham and Marion Motley, among many others.

The Browns would only stay in the AAFC for as long as it was in operation before merging with the NFL, a total of four seasons. They would win the championship each and every one of those years. Upon entering the NFL, all eyes were on Cleveland as fans, opposing players, and coaches around the league wondered how this team that dominated the AAFC would fare against what they thought was the superior talent of the National Football League. Again, Cleveland fans wouldn’t have to wait long for the team’s first winning season in the NFL either as the Browns would go 10-2 in 1950. They would also go on to win the NFL Championship that first season by defeating the Los Angeles Rams 30-28 in the big game.

It’s true that the Browns have had some up and down times over the years, but as opposed to some other franchises, they sure started in style and didn’t have to wait at all to experience that first winning season.

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