Dallas Cowboys 100 Yard Rushing Game Facts

One of the most common gauges used to measure whether a running back had an effective game or not continues to be the 100 yard game. Here is a look at some fun facts about the Dallas Cowboys and 100 yard rushing games.

-The first 100 yard rushing game in Dallas Cowboys history came on September 24, 1961, in the second game of the team’s second season, when Don Perkins carried the ball 17 times for 108 yards. He also caught five passes for 61 yards that day.

-Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett had 45 career 100 yard games. He had 43 of those while playing with Dallas and two during his final season in the NFL with the Denver Broncos.

-The first time Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray went over the 100 yard rushing mark was on October 23, 2011 when he carried the ball 25 times for 253 yards and a touchdown as a rookie in a win over the Rams.

-As a rookie running back for the Cowboys in 1986, Herschel Walker had his first 100 yard receiving game two weeks before he had his first career 100 yard rushing game.

-The record for most career 100 yard rushing games against the Cowboys is four. This is held by five players: Ottis Anderson, Tiki Barber, LeSean McCoy, Walter Payton, and Ricky Watters.

-The first three running backs to have more than one 100 yard rushing game against Dallas in the same season are Ottis Anderson with two in 1979, John Riggins with two in 1984, and Alfred Morris with two in 2012.

-Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith topped the 100 yard rushing mark 78 times during his career. He did this 76 times for Dallas and twice at the end of his career while playing for the Arizona Cardinals.

-The Cowboys record in games when Emmitt Smith would break the 100 yard rushing mark was 57-19.

-In 1966, the Cowboys went over 100 yards rushing in a game as a team 14 times in a 14 game season. This remained the team record until 1995 when the Cowboys went over the 100 yard rushing mark 15 times in a 16 game season.

-In 1966, Don Perkins became the first Cowboys running back to have a 100 yard rushing game in the postseason.

-Emmitt Smith was the first Cowboys running back to have a 100 yard game in the Super Bowl. He did this twice during his career.

-Calvin Hill set the Cowboys team record for most 100 yard games in a season when he went over the mark five tiems in 1973. This record was broken by Tony Dorsett in 1978 when he had six 100 yard games. Three seasons later, Dorsett would break his own record when he had nine 100 yard rushing games in 1981. That record would stand until Emmitt Smith posted 11 100 yard rushing games in 1995. 2014 would see DeMarco Murray break that record when he had 12 100 yard rushing games for Dallas.

-Emmitt Smith’s first 100 yard rushing game came in his fifth NFL game when he carried the ball 23 times for 121 yards and a touchdown in a 1990 win over the Buccaneers.

-The first Cowboys player to top 100 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving in the same game was Tony Dorsett in 1978. In that 38-0 Dallas win over the Colts, Dorsett gained 147 yards on the ground and 107 by reception. Herschel Walker would accomplish this as well in a loss to the Eagles in 1986.

-The first Dallas player to rush for more than 100 yards in the opening game of the season was Dan Reeves in 1967.

-As of 2014, 20 different running backs had posted 100 yard rushing games for the Dallas Cowboys: Emmitt Smith, Tony Dorsett, DeMarco Murray, Calvin Hill, Don Perkins, Herschel Walker, Marion Barber, Julius Jones, Duane Thomas, Troy Hambrick, Robert Newhouse, Felix Jones, Walt Garrison, Scott Laidlaw, Amos Marsh, Dan Reeves, Tashard Choice, Paul Palmer, Preston Pearson, and Chris Warren.

-Seven different Dallas running backs have had 100 yard rushing games on Monday Night Football: Emmitt Smith, Tony Dorsett, Herschel Walker, DeMarco Murray, Calvin Hill, Felix Jones, and Julius Jones.

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