Edgerrin James – The Most 100 Yard Rushing Games In Colts History

The Colts have a long and proud history, and over the years they have had some great players wear the blue and white jerseys. Though they have mainly been known for two star quarterbacks, Johnny Unitas and Peyton Manning, running backs have played a huge role in the team’s history as well.

Putting together a 100 yard game is a good indication that a running back has performed very well during a game. In fact, 100 yard games are often used as a way to judge how good a running back is in comparison to others. Who has had the most 100 yard games in Colts history?

The player to have far and away the most 100 yard games in the history of the Colts is Edgerrin James. From During his time with the team, he pass the 100 yard mark in 49 games. Here is a look at the top four Colts running backs ever, ranked by how many 100 yard games they had for the team.

#1 – Edgerrin James – 49

#2 – Eric Dickerson – 24

#3 – Lydell Mitchell – 16

#4 – Marshall Faulk – 14

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