Five Fun Facts About The Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens have had a notable history since becoming a team in 1996. They have had some great players too over the years. Here is a look at some nice Baltimore Ravens trivia.

1. When deciding on the name for the new Baltimore franchise, the final three names to make the cut were the Ravens, the Americans, and the Marauders.

2. In 2004, Ravens backup quarterback Kordell Stewart filled in for the team’s injured punter and earned himself the Special Teams Player of the Week Award.

3. Over the course of 51 consecutive games from 1998 through 2001, no running back gained over 100 yards against the Baltimore Ravens defense.

4. On the day that team owner Art Modell announced he would be moving his Cleveland Browns to Baltimore, he announced that the team name would be the Baltimore Browns. After lengthy negotiations, Modell was forced to leave the team name, logos, uniforms, history, and record book behind in Cleveland and basically start a new team in Baltimore, one that was eventually christened the Ravens.

5. The Baltimore Ravens are one of only two NFL franchises, the other being the Washington Redskins, that have an official team marching band.

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