Five Fun Facts About The Colts

The Colts had a very successful time in Baltimore and then moved to Indianapolis and were successful there too. Here is some quick Colts trivia for you to check out.

1. The first quarterback to ever beat all 31 other teams in the NFL was Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

2. Only three quarterbacks compiled quarterback ratings of 100 or above over the course of the entire 1970s decade, and former Colts quarterback Bert Jones is one of them (the others being Roger Staubach and Kenny Stabler).

3. When kicker Adam Vinatieri played during the Colts’ Super Bowl victory following the 2006 season, he became the first kicker in NFL history to play in five Super Bowl games.

4. The first former Colts player to play for the team after they moved to Indianapolis and then make it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame was running back Eric Dickerson.

5. The first NFL franchise to make use of cheerleaders was the Colts.

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