Five Fun Facts About The Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions can trace their days back to the early days of the NFL. They have had ups and downs over the years and a lot of great players. Here is a quick taste of some Detroit Lions trivia.

1. Detroit Lions legend Barry Sanders had an amazing career and put up some incredible numbers as a star running back during the 1990s. Over the course of his entire Hall of Fame career though he would only play in one winning playoff game.

2. In Ty Detmer’s first start at quarterback for the Detroit Lions, he would throw seven interceptions.

3. The 1989, 1990 and 1991 winners of the Heisman Trophy, signifying the best player in college football, would all end up playing for the Detroit Lions. They are Barry Sanders, Andre Ware, and Ty Detmer, respectively.

4. At the time of their founding in the late 1920s, the original name of the team that would become the Detroit Lions was the Portsmouth Spartans.

5. The Detroit Lions first hosted a Thanksgiving Day game in 1934.

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