Five Fun Facts About The Green Bay Packers

Few teams can compete with the historical success and prestige of the Packers. Here is a look at some interesting Packers trivia to check out.

1. Green Bay Packers legend Paul Hornung was called up for active military service during the 1961 NFL season. He would regularly receive weekend passes so that he could also continue playing professional football.

2. The only year of his career that longtime Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown did not lead the league in rushing was 1962, that season Packers running back Jim Taylor was the league leader.

3. The first, and through the 2009 season the only, NFL player to win the MVP Award three consecutive seasons is former Packers quarterback Brett Favre (1995, 1996 and 1997).

4. The wide receiver who caught more touchdown passes from Brett Favre than any other receiver was former Packers great Antonio Freeman.

5. Bart Starr is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and a Green Bay Packers legend. It wasn’t until his seventh season in the NFL though that he first threw more touchdown passes than interceptions in a season.

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