Five Fun Facts About The Rams

The Rams can trace their history back to multiple previous cities. They have had a very interesting history. Here is a quick look at some fun Rams trivia.

1. Dick Vermeil coached the Rams to their very first Super Bowl title. In 1969, Vermeil had been hired by the Los Angeles Rams to be the very first special teams coach the NFL had ever had.

2. Most teams that relocate to a new location do so during times when they are not successful. In one of the more unusual relocations, the Cleveland Rams moved to Los Angeles the very year after winning the 1945 NFL Championship.

3. Before moving to St. Louis in 1995, the Rams were very close to moving to Baltimore instead.

4. The Cleveland Rams sat out the 1943 season due to worker shortages related to World War II

5. The Rams were the first American professional football team to put logos on their helmet.

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