Five Fun Facts About The Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks came into the NFL in the late 1970s in the same year that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers joined the league. They have had some good times as well as bad times over the years. Here is a look at some interesting Seattle Seahawks trivia.

1. Longtime Seattle Seahawks quarterback Dave Krieg graduated from Milton College in 1980, in 1982 the college would close its doors and cease operations.

2. Seattle Seahawks star safety Kenny Easley was also picked in the tenth round of the 1981 NBA Draft.

3. The Seattle Seahawks are not the first professional football team to use that name. In the All-American Football Conference in 1946 the Miami Seahawks competed for just one season before moving to Baltimore and becoming the Baltimore Colts before the team disbanded following their first season in the NFL in 1950.

4. The Seattle Seahawks were the first team to play in both the AFC Championship Game as well as the NFC Championship Game.

5. Seahawks quarterback Seneca Wallace threw the 20,000th completed pass in the history of Monday Night Football.

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