Five Fun Facts About The Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins trace their history back to the early days of the NFL. Here is a quick look at some Washington Redskins trivia.

1. Legendary Redskins defensive back Darrell Green won the NFL’s fastest man competition four times in a row.

2. Joe Gibbs is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and is one of the most respected head coaches in Washington Redskins history, few remember though that in his first year on the job the Redskins lost their first five games under their new head coach.

3. Running back John Riggins was the second player in NFL history to score more than 100 rushing touchdowns. The first player to do this was Jim Brown.

4. The Washington Redskins finished the 1983 season with a record of 14-2, their only two losses both occurred in Monday Night Football games.

5. The Washington Redskins won their first NFL championship in 1937, this was also the first year the team played in the nation’s capital.

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