Five Interesting Facts About The Arizona Cardinals Running Game

The Arizona Cardinals have only played in the state of Arizona since 1988, but the team has been around since 1920. In all those years, the team has had their fair share of great running backs. Here is a look at five interesting facts about the Arizona Cardinals running game.

#1 – The longest run in Cardinals history was done by John David Crow. He played running back for the team from 1958 to 1964. During his rookie year, more than fifty years ago in 1958, he pulled off an 83 yard run that is still the longest run ever by a Cardinals player.

#2 – With 7,999 total yards, Ottis Anderson has more rushing yards for the Cardinals than any other player in team history. Tight end Jackie Smith, who played for the team from 1963 to 1977, is the leading rusher for the team of any player who played the receiver position, with 327 yards. Wide receiver Anquan Boldin is in second on that list, a little over 100 yards behind him.

#3 – No Cardinals quarterback has rushed for more yards for the team than Jake Plummer. During his six years on the team he ran for a total of 1,183 yards. He did not however rush for the most touchdowns. That record belongs to Jim Hart who played for the team from 1966 to 1983 and ran for 16 touchdowns during that time.

#4 – Only two Cardinals players have rushed for a thousand yards in a season in their rookie year. Ottis Anderson did it first in 1979 when ran for 1,605 yards. The other player to accomplish this was Ronald Moore who in 1993 ran for 1,018 yards.

#5 – Ottis Anderson has more 1,000 yard rushing seasons for the Cardinals than anyone else. During his time with the team he had five 1,000 yard rushing seasons. In fact, only one other player has ever had more than one 1,000 yard season. That player is Edgerrin James who had two of them.

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